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Terroir Park Slope Is Oh So Close

Signage is up at 284 5th Ave in Park Slope, home to the fifth outpost of Terroir, chef Marco Canora and sommelier Paul Grieco's wine bar.  The space is ready for business, but still waiting on its liquor license.  It should come early next week and then the (Rhein) coast is clear. 

Hours of operation and menus are taped to the front window.  The menu has a little something for everyone in the form of "Little Bar Snacks," "Fried Stuff," "The Best Panini In All Of Brooklyn," Charcuterie, Cheese, "The Sweet of Sweets," Bruschetta, Salads, and "Cool Stuff That You Must Eat."  Click ahead for a look around the slick interior.

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Pork Slope Preview Party

Pork Slope is the highly anticipated bar/restaurant from Dale Talde, David Massoni, and John Bush. The trio got together and opened Talde in Park Slope back in January. The restaurant was one month old when the triumvirate announced they were taking the former Aunt Suzie's space on 5th Ave between Garfield and Carroll a few blocks away. The time has come. Pork Slope is opening this Saturday. Dale Talde and co threw a little shin dig last night to show off their goods and Digest NY got an invite. Now we have some pictures and a hangover we'd like to share.

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Barclays Center is Opening in Two Months

Barclays Center is being built across the street from Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn’s busiest transportation hub. The Brooklyn Nets will be calling the 19,000-seat stadium home when it opens in just two months. Park Slope, the neighborhood due south of the stadium, teems with restaurants and nightlife. It is a landscape that is changing now more than ever as Barclays Center readies to open September 28th.

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Here Piggy Piggy

The trio behind Talde are looking to open Pork Slope sometime in July.  The drink menu is inspired by the great state of Kentucky.  John Bush is the beverage director and he just got back from a trip to bourbon country, "I was drinking a lot of bourbon you can’t get up here—I was on the Bourbon Trail."  He will be behind the 35-foot bar when Pork Slope reveals its snout to the neighborhood.

Edibles will include pulled pork, brisket, smoked meats, and barbeque ribs.  Dale Talde, a native of Chicago, is also planning a Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich that he explains as a "French Dip sandwich meets a Chicago Beef Steak."

The tin ceiling and the walls have a fresh coat of paint and the pool table is already in place at 247 5th Ave, between Garfield and Carroll.


Terroir Park Slope Space Under Construction

The year 2012 was only two days old we heard that the guys behind Hearth and Terroir were opening a Terroir outpost in Park Slope.  The location would be the newly vacant Great Lakes space on 5th Ave and 1st Street.  The dive bar closed its doors at the end of 2011, after opening them 15 years prior in '97.

Six months after it was announced Terroir was moving in, the tired, green facade that housed Great Lakes sat dormant with the old, plywood sign still up.  A "For Rent" with a number to call hung above that.  Maybe it took a while because Paul Greico, the wine genie responsible for Terroir's success, was busy winning James Beard Awards.  Either way, construction has finally started at 284 5th Ave.  The building has been completely gutted and the old windows on the 1st Street side of the building have been boarded up.

There hasn't been a date released as to when TPS will open, but sometime this fall seems very likely.


Park Slope's Week Old Woodland Succeeds East Village's Vandaag

Brendan Spiro told Eater yesterday that Vandaag, his Dutch-inspired restaurant in the East Village that was open for less than two years, is officially closed.  Vandaag had changed chef's more than once, and earlier this month the restaurant installed a take out window to sell sausages to passersby.  The efforts prove too little as Spiro and co. decide to call it quits and put all their riesling braised rabbits into one basket.

"It is with much regret that we wish to inform all of our loyal patrons about a recent decision to close Vandaag."

Woodland is the new project from Spiro that opened last week on the corner of Flatbush and 6th Ave and employs much of the same team that worked at Vandaag.  The restaurant is equipped with a garden, music stage, private dining room, DJ venue and grilled cheese sandwiches for all the stroller riding toddlers that make their way in at the hands of Park Slope parents.



Park Slope's Blue Ribbon Sushi merged with their neighboring Blue Ribbon Brasserie location three months ago, after their lease expired March 1st.  Here's Park Slope brings us news that Cal-Mex favorite Calexico will be taking over the space on 5th Ave between Garfield and 1st that was home to Blue Ribbon Sushi for ten years.

Calexico started as a single taco truck in Soho five years ago.  The idea was created by brothers Jesse, Brian, and Dave Vendley.  The menu is a California-inspired take on Mexican food and one that New Yorkers have quickly grown fond of.  The single cart in Soho is now a multi-faceted business, as the Calexico empire has grown to include two carts (24th and Broadway and Wooster and Prince), and two brick-and-mortar store fronts; 645 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint and 122 Union Street in Red Hook.

The Calexico team will sit down with Community Board 6 tomorrow with hopes of attaining a liquor license for their new location, which will be open until 12am on weekdays and 2am on weekends.


Woodland Opens On Flatbush Avenue

Park Slope gets a new restaurant/bar/venue with the opening of Woodland earlier this week.  Brendan Spiro is the Director of Operations for the restaurant group responsible for the new, bi-level venue at 242 Flatbush Avenue (@ 6th Ave).  The same group owns Vandaag in the East Village, a restaurant that received two stars from Sam Sifton shortly after it opened in the summer of 2010.

In addition to two levels, Woodland has an outdoor garden, a private room available for up to 30 guests, a 12-seat bar, and has the capacity to seat upwards of 200 people.  The new space will double as a music venue, as the downstairs lounge will feature DJs and a stage in the main room will host live bands.

A meal at Woodland will not be a cheap one, as a glance at the menu reveals Manhattan prices but, with items like lamb T-bone, venison tartare, and Great Lakes Pike, it could all be worth it.  Perhaps as a result of the rising price of beef costs, the menu features a cheaper cut called bullet steak, though it still fetches $25.  Along with different cuts of meat, the menu has unique items like nettle shake, anchovy dip, and liver croutons.