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Finalmente Franny's: New Location Opens Tonight

After months of construction, the new, long-awaited, stronger-faster-bigger-better location of Franny's is opening tonight at 5:30pm. The new space, at 348 Flatbush, has two ovens, a private dining room, takes reservations for 6 or more, and offers delivery. For now, pizzas are the only thing to go, but more of the menu will be available as the restaurant gets settled.

The new location is also open for lunch Friday through Sunday; from noon to 11:30pm Friday and Saturday, and noon to 11 pm on Sunday. Dinner hours Monday through Thursday are 5:30 pm to 11 pm. No menu on their website yet, but we'll be there soon to find out and get back to you. If you make it there before us, let us know how it is!

348 Flatbush Avenue | 718-230-0221 | www | map


See You In Two Weeks Franny

Last night was your last chance to eat at the original Franny's location. Regulars and pizza lovers joined employees past and present at 295 Flatbush Avenue to celebrate the end of the restaurant's eight year run there. With its locavore mentality, Franny's quickly became a haven for those seeking Italian fare sourced from nearby, sustainable farms. The demand eventually outgrew the space and, early last year, owners Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg announced they'd be moving their operation down the street to 348 Flatbush. The time has come.

With construction nearly finished, the next two weeks will be spent making the transition into the new digs. Franny's 2.0 occupies a bigger space with extra seats and a second oven. Combined with a new reservation policy (6 or more) and take-out counter, Stephens and Feinberg will be able to better serve the droves that have been seeking out their food since 2004. 2.0 is slated to open Monday, April 8th.