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A Fried Chicken Evolution

[A plate of fried chicken at Willie Mae's Scotch House in New Orleans]I wrote an article for Serious Eats about fried chicken's evolution in the States. How it went from a Southern, bone-in wonderfood to a boneless McNugget that helped McDonald's grow to over 35,000 locations. But there's so much more. I talked to historians and linchpins in the industry and peeled back the lid on a world I never knew existed. I hope the article is as much fun to read as it was to write.


Heirloom vs. Hybrid: A Fight We All Win

I wrote an article for Serious Eats recently about heirloom and hybrid tomatoes. Summer's nearing its end, but no matter how you slice it, any tomatoe is a culinary delight. But what are the differences between heirlooms and hybrids? Is one variety better than the other, and Are Heirloom Tomatoes Always Worth the Price?


Anchovies are the Little Fish that Could

I dove into the history of anchovies and learned of the cool, salty waters they thrive in, the bounty of nutrients and health benefits in every fillet, and the timeless practice of fishing and salt curing. Anchovies are remarkably sustainable, have the lowest mercury count of any edible fish (being small helps), and have been preserved and cured for centuries. Anchovy's versatility in the kitchen is one of the reasons we love the fish. But there's so much more, and the tiny, glistening silver bullets pack a mighty big punch. If you share my love for anchovies, or just want to read about them, head on over to Serious Eats to read my latest article.