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Stream the First Ten Episodes of the Mind of a Chef

Ten episodes of the new PBS series Mind of a Chef have aired since the show premiered Friday, November 9th. The first season explores the mind of David Chang as he takes viewers on a wild ride exploring culinary happenings around the world. The show airs in blocks on Fridays starting at 8pm. Four aired on the 9th, two on the 16th, and another four last Friday the 23rd. For now, all ten episodes are available to watch for free over at PBS.

Episodes will only be available to stream for three weeks after they air on TV. So the first block of four episodes that aired on the 9th will come down this Friday, but we wanted to give you a chance to catch the episodes before they go. Do the show titles read to anyone else like a cross between the seven deadly sins and a hodge podge of song titles from Johnny Mathis, Jerry Garcia, and Raekwon? [PBS]

Episode 1: Noodle

Episode 2: Pig

Episode 3: Memory

Episode 4: Spain

Episode 5: Rotten

Episode 6: Rene

Episode 7: Simple

Episode 8: Gluttony

Episode 9: Chef

Episode 10: Japan

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