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Roast Beef Po' Boy at Domilise's In New Orleans

Spend three minutes online looking into the iconic food joints of New Orleans and Domilise's will show up at the top of your browser. The Uptown po' boy shop is a NOLA institution. We were torn between the fried shrimp, hot sausage, and roast beef, but settled on roast beef after flashingback to our plane ride with the trumpet player; remembering he had said something about "100 napkins" in regard to the sandwich.

Roast beef, lettuce, mayo, pickles, gravy, and two types of mustard on French bread. The combination of tangy mustards and thick, rich, dark brown gravy is soul-soothing. The lettuce and pickles give the sandwich a bright crunch while the tender, hearty roast beef tears easily under the slightest effort. It's $12.50 for a large, but it also fed five of us. And with our Miller High Life in frosted goblets it was one of the more memorable meals of our trip. Simple, humble, just another visit to a classic eatery that's been feeding people from all corners of the world for decades.

Domilise's Po' Boy and Bar | 5240 Annunciation Street | 504-899-9126

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