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Lunch at Schwartz's

Reuben Schwartz founded Schwartz's in 1928 after he moved to Montreal from Romania. The restaurant takes pride in their natural product. According to their website, it's one they prepare "the old fashioned way using a secret blend of fine herbs and spices and contains no preservatives."

You can order the smoked meat either "Lean", "Medium", or "Fatty." Mustard or no mustard. The brisket smokes for ten days and proves to be just as soft as the fresh baked bread it sits between. The sandwich is incredible, both in flavor and value. It's $6.50 and proves there is the perfect size for a sandwich.

The small room is always packed. The constant line outside moves quickly so the wait is never unbearable. If it were, it'd still be worth it.  

3895 Boulevard Saint-Lauren | 514.842.4813 | www