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Caffe Italia

Montreal's Little Italy is just North East of downtown Montreal. Caffe Italia, on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, is in the heart of the neighborhood. It's a timeless cafe that caters to the many generations of Italian Canadians and people passing through Little Italy. There's a TV on the wall that usually has the news on, in Italian of course. Caffe Italia is sort of like Little Italy's family room. Grab a stool at the bar, order Nutella toast and browse an insieme, you'll fit right in.

The coffees are good, simple, espresso drawn drinks. There are Proraso and other men's products behind the counter. Caffe Italia is your one-stop-shop for your morning coffee and your shaving cream.

No substitutions.

There's a documentary from 1985 called Caffe Italia Montreal about "Montreal's Italians need to be accepted and integrated in their new society."

6840 Boulevard Saint-Laurent | 514.495.0059